CCM Replacement Public Notice

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The Maryland Department of the Environment is following the directives of the Governor of Maryland in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and issued Executive Orders. Please be advised that public notice and public hearing procedures and meetings may be impacted, including possible re-scheduling of hearings.

Maryland Department of the Environment

Water and Science Administration


Notice of Application for State Wetland Licenses, Private Wetland Permits, Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Permits and/or Water Quality Certification and the Opportunity to Provide Written Comment or Request an Informational Hearing


The Water and Science Administration is reviewing the following applications for State Wetland Licenses, Private Wetland Permits, Nontidal Wetlands and Waterways Permits and/or Water Quality Certifications.  The applications and related information are on file at the Administration.  Arrangements may be made for inspection and copying of file materials. Interested parties may provide written comment on the application or request an informational hearing on any listed application.  A request for a hearing must be in writing and provide the following information:  1) Name, Address, and Telephone Number of the person making the request; 2) The identity of any other person(s) the requestor is representing; and 3) the specific issues proposed to be considered at the hearing.  Please refer to the case number (i.e., 00-WL-0000, 00-WQC-0000) which identifies each application.  Address correspondence to: Tidal Wetlands Division, Water and Science Administration, 1800 Washington Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland, 21230.  Telephone (410) 537-3571.  Written comments or requests for a hearing must be received on or before July 1, 2021, unless otherwise noted in the Public Notice.


21-WL-0273/202160336:  DOWNS PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, at 1485 Brookside Common, Annapolis, MD 21401 has applied to remove existing community marina structures; authorize an existing floating kayak launch; to expand an existing community marina to include the following: construct a replacement 61-foot long by 6-foot wide fixed pier with a 33-foot long by 6-foot wide gangway, a main floating pier and five floating auxiliary piers totaling 1,471 feet in length by 6 feet wide, a total of 1,682 square feet of floating platform, 26 floating finger piers of various lengths and widths, 23 boat lifts with associated piles, and 69 mooring piles, all extending a maximum of 390 feet channelward of the mean high water line.  The applicant has also applied to construct and backfill 408 linear feet of replacement bulkhead within a maximum of 18 inches channelward of a deteriorated bulkhead; and to collect 3 sediment cores. The purpose of this project is to expand a community marina and improve navigable access.  The proposed project is located within the tidal waters of the Clements Creek at 1479 Downham Market, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland 21401.  For more information, please contact Heather Hepburn at [email protected] or at 410-537-3789.

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